Minimize Your Toxins

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1. Complete my Top 12 non-negotiable's Product Assessment Form, detailing the brands present in your household.

2. Upon completion of my form, I will evaluate your products on a scale ranging from safe, moderate or toxic.

3. After reviewing this information you will then; Select your preferred package tailored to your needs, enabling you to gradually transition to non
-toxic alternatives at your convenience, within your budget.

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Minimize Toxic Chemicals with Confidence (5 week Course)


Embark on a transformative journey to minimize toxins and optimize nutrition with my comprehensive 5-week course.

Designed to empower you with straightforward and impactful strategies, each session delivers valuable insights that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. Benefit from weekly 60-minute online sessions complemented by support documents, curated recipes, and invaluable tips and advice.

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Become a PURE HOME Member


Do you often find yourself facing questions that a simple internet search can't quite resolve? Unsure of where to turn for reliable guidance?

As a member of THE PURE HOME, you'll gain access to unlimited support for any inquiry you may have. Whether you're curious about the cleanest product options for dinner, seeking recommendations for non-toxic furniture sources, or deciding on the healthiest meal to order at your upcoming restaurant outing, I'm here to provide prompt and informed responses. Simply send an email or instagram message, and I'll strive to address your questions to the best of my ability, drawing on my expertise and knowledge.

Hack the Grocery Store

$49 an hour

Discover the art of navigating the grocery store with confidence and precision. Gain insights into identifying which aisles to prioritize, recognizing items to avoid.

This program offers the option of shopping together, whether in person or online, at a location of your preference.